Hormonal Imbalance and Acne

Hormonal Imbalance and Acne

Acne is a problem that most of us will have faced sometime or the other in our lives. And probably all of us even know why it is caused. We’ve been through the drill of what sebaceous glands are and how their over secretion causes the oil to be secreted and the pores of the skin to get blocked, which then leads to a growth on the skin surface known as acne. Acne can form not just on the face, but also other parts of the body like the back and chest. While most of us believe that we know what the causes of acne are, and how to carry forth acne control, you might be surprised to know that hormonal imbalance and acne are interconnected. In the following article, we will try to understand how acne caused by hormonal imbalance come about and what should be done for the same.
The Connection
To understand the connection between hormonal imbalance, acne, and what each has to do with the other, we must first understand what hormones are and what role they play in our bodies.
Hormones are chemicals that are released by a cell in one part of the body, which are responsible for sending messages that alter cells in other parts of the body. This leads to the alteration of cell metabolism, and only a small portion of cells are required for this purpose. The body is constantly producing cells in a huge surge, and since all these hormones are not important for the body, the excess are discarded. Similarly, the androgenic hormones are those that control the amount of sebum that is secreted by the oil glands. When the body cannot discard the excess hormones, it leads to a clogging of the system due to an excess of sebum, and therefore, it results in acne. Thus the hormones and acne are connected.
On a normal day, our livers would have been able to clear out all the impurities that were produced, and thereby, keep our skin and systems clean. However, on a day when there are excess hormones being produced and running freely through the system, the liver cannot cope with the added responsibility. It cannot dispel and clear out the system. Thus, leading to more toxins spreading in the body and causing acne to form.
And since acne and hormonal imbalance are interconnected, you can trace it back to all the times that people are likely to get acne.

  • Puberty ~ Your body is going into overdrive with the formation of hormones all over and the liver cannot cope with clearing the toxins.
  • Pregnancy ~ It is a well-known fact that during pregnancy the body produces a lot of hormones to help support the fetus that is growing inside the mother. Not only will there be acne, but also a lot of other health problems like back pain, morning sickness, nausea, dizziness and others. All these are signs that something is not right with the functioning of the body.
  • Menstruation ~ The monthly cycle causes the formation of several hormonal imbalances as well. The loss of blood and losing of important nutrients puts the body into overdrive causing acne.
Hormonal imbalance in women is often treated with the aid of the birth control pill. This then leads to severe and chronic acne treatment. The pill has several chemicals that help to regulate the hormonal imbalance that has been caused, and thereby eradicate the formation of acne.

Along with the birth control pill, there are several other forms of medication that are used for the treatment of hormonal imbalance. One needs to consult their dermatologist in order to get a prescription.

Preventive Measures
The following are some preventive measures that you can employ to zero out the connection between these two conditions.

  • Maintain personal hygiene and always clean your face before sleeping.
  • Avoid having overly spicy and oily food.
  • Eat balanced meals at regular timings.
  • Go to bed early and rise early. Keeping late hours is very detrimental for the body’s working.
  • Drink a lot of water as this helps to flush out the toxins that are formed in the body.
  • Do exercises to regulate the circulation of blood flow. Calming exercises are considered the best to eradicate stress that may cause hormonal disturbances in the body.
  • Avoid caffeine.
  • Review the cosmetics that you use. Do not go in for cosmetics that will block your pores.

Hormonal imbalance and acne are interconnected, as we have seen. Maintaining a stress-free lifestyle and doing all that we can to keep ourselves fit and healthy will prevent the onset of acne to a large extent.