Does Cinnamon Clear Acne?

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Cinnamon Masks Can Irritate Your Skin

First, let’s just look at the safety concerns. Rubbing cinnamon onto your face could irritate sensitive skin facial skin and cause a nasty rash called contact dermatitis.

Are there people who use cinnamon masks without any problems whatsoever? Yes, sure. But there are plenty of people who tried them and were rewarded with a red, irritated face. You really can’t be sure how your skin will react, so you need to ask yourself if it’s really worth the risk.

Doesn’t Cinnamon Kill Bacteria?

Even if you can use cinnamon on your skin, without any ill-effects, the next question is will it clear up your acne?

There aren’t many good, solid studies on the effects that cinnamon has on bacteria and even less on the effect it may have (or may not have) on acne. Some sources say cinnamon has antibacterial qualities, there is no evidence at all that cinnamon kills the acne-causing bacteria propioni acnes.

Besides, acne isn’t solely caused by bacteria. Just knocking it out isn’t enough to keep breakouts from forming.

So the science really isn’t behind this one. Using a cinnamon mask isn’t going to clear up an active case of acne, unfortunately.

What to Try Instead

Even though cinnamon isn’t that acne treatment silver bullet you’re looking for, it’s not all bad news. There are other options out there that will work for you.

Looking for a treatment for occasional pimples?

If you only get the occasional blemish, you don’t need a daily acne treatment per se. Don’t rely on cinnamon or that other oft-suggested (but pretty horrible) spot treatment, toothpaste. Instead, try some of these proven treatments to banish that zit.