4 Ways To Keep Body Acne From Ruining Your Day

Worried about body acne? Learn about body acne causes.

Now that summer is finally here, we can all celebrate the season of beach parties and barbecues … and bikinis, bare arms, and, basically, bodies on full display. The latter is great news for the small percentage of the population who are fit and free of body acne. For everyone else, this sort of thing is enough to incite a state of panic. If body acne has you rehearsing elaborate excuses as to why you’ll be staying in this weekend, it’s time to take control and learn how to treat and clear body acne. Here are 4 easy ways to do that.


Same goes for post-beach, or post-pool—because sweat can be a major proponent of breakouts even for those of us who aren’t otherwise acne-prone. If you can get your hands on a body acne wash with targeted ingredients, that’s a great way to fight body acne.


Guess what? The acne that occurs on your body isn’t really any different than the acne on your face—there are simply other factors, like tight clothing, sweat, and the like, that can contribute to its appearance. If you didn’t know, salicylic acid is a great way to go about body acne treatment, because it’s a keratolytic agent, meaning it works to keep the pores clear.


Put simply, acne happens when oil, bacteria and dead skin mix. If you haven’t washed your sheets in two weeks, they’re literally teeming with dead skin cells, sweat, and bacteria that can irritate skin and cause breakouts—go ahead and shake them out in your dark bedroom and shine a flashlight around if you don’t believe us! You can’t stop your skin from producing oil (nor would you want to, trust us), and while you can kill acne-causing bacteria, you can’t prevent its production, either. Why not do what you can to eliminate the dead skin variable? Oh, also …


Exfoliating is even more crucial for eliminating that “dead skin variable” than keeping your linens clean. And there are many different ways you can go about exfoliation—but why not choose one that was designed with the treatment of acne in mind? Proactiv®—you know, the acne brand that’s been around for 20 years—makes a great one, which they call the Deep Cleansing Wash. It’s awesome to have on hand for your gym bag (or anywhere, really) because it’s also suitable to use on your face. In other words: if you’re the type who loves cutting corners with products that multi-task, this one’s a must-have.